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Jules Taylor is an American singer-songwriter and record producer from Texas.  He spent 20 years living, performing, and working in Nashville and New York before returning to Corpus Christi.  

"His vocals are as weathered as an old highway sign and as inviting as your favorite mom and pop diner... Overall, the collection is the musical equivalent of the Great American Novel: a work that captures what it means to be human – the shortcomings and the triumphs, the heartaches and the joys." - Paula Cummings,

"A kind of high-drama ambient American rock with equal parts grit and ether. Its affinities are many: Wilco, Calexico, Ryan Adams, Drive-by Truckers, Neil Young…do I need to continue? What the references don’t necessarily suggest is how nicely crafted and layered these relatively crunchy, hard-rocking tracks are: dark, shimmering, electric desert snarl; good stuff, well-played and even-better-conceived. It is not hard to imagine any of these songs showing up in a stylized modern Western." - John Burdick, Hudson Valley One

Traveling the United States and working in music, film, television and radio, has gifted Jules with a lifetime of stories and experiences.


He moved to Nashville at the age of 21 with the intention of learning how to re-create the Classic Country sounds he grew up on.  Being at the right place at the right time granted him entrance into privileged spaces of Nashville’s Music Row, where songwriter work tapes are transcribed into number charts and then transformed into hit songs for major label artists. 


Jules has been a professor of recording at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Nashville, Tennessee, and Texas A&M - Corpus Christi.    

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He moved to Upstate New York in 2012 and found himself immersed in the artists’ community of Woodstock, NY.


Living in a small cabin in the Catskill Mountains gave him the solitude of winter to reflect and write about his journey, while the warmth of summer and thawing of spring brought him into music festivals and artistic communion. 


The culmination of his time in New York came together in 2018 with the release of his album, Mountain Time.

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   Jules Taylor and Jon Light (Pedal Steel) teamed up to play close to 300 shows in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey. 

They are pictured here at Pearl Moon in Woodstock, NY. 



































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In March of 2020, Jules was working as a musician in a nursing home in New York.  During the first few days of the COVID-19 Pandemic, he was exposed to a patient who tested positive for COVID. When he elected to quarantine, he was fired by the nursing home.  The impact of being discarded by his employer in the same week that millions filed for unemployment, on top of not knowing if he had contracted the virus, left a lasting impression on him. 


With spring and summer full of now-canceled gigs and singer-songwriters using Zoom to broadcast solo performances online, Jules shifted from songwriting and music performance to podcasting and re-engaging with philosophy, politics, and history. 


In May 2020, Jules published the first episode of No Easy Answers, a Marxist podcast about politics, philosophy, and the human condition.  In November of 2020, Jules was made producer of the podcast Working People, hosted by Maximillian Alvarez (partners with In These Times Magazine and The Real News Network).  Currently, Jules is producing two more podcasts to be published in the fall of 2023. 

After returning to Texas in 2022, Jules partnered with acclaimed multi-instrumentalist Chisum Mills (fiddle, harmonica, & mandolin).  They are pictured here at South Texas Icehouse.


As of 2023, Jules is 3 years sober and is performing his original material in South Texas.  He is an advocate for those around him who are newly committed to sobriety, and he is a contributing writer and photographer for STEAM Magazine.  

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